News articles pertaining to the trial and, if there ever are any, of the occupation action at Trinity Wall Street Church

D17 Trinity Church/Duarte Square trial – advance stories and news coverage

The index is arranged chronologically – current to June 19, 2012


New York Times

Trespassing Case Adds Strain to Trinity Church’s Ties With Occupy Protesters



Occupy protesters facing trial for breaking into church lot


WABC TV Channel 7 News

Occupy protesters set for trial in church break in


Reuters via Chicago Tribune

Occupy protestors on trial for trespass at NYC church lot,0,5967342.story


The Guardian

Occupy Wall Street trial begins for protesters accused of trespassing


The Gothamist

Arrested Protesters, Clergy Face Off In Court Against City & Trinity Church


Daily News

War hero George Packard on trial in Occupy Wall Street mess


Democracy Now!

Trial Begins for OWS Protesters in Trinity Church Case


The Nation

Trials Begin for Occupy Wall Street D17 Arrestees, NATO 3


Press TV

Occupy Wall Street trial begins for protesters accused of trespassing


Village Voice

Occupy Wall Street Protesters On Trial, Accused Of Trespassing On Church Property



Trial Continues in OWS Trinity Church Trespass Case


 New York Times

June 10, 2010


 New York Magazine

Occupy Wall Street Loses Overblown Trinity Church Trial

June 18, 2010

Huffington Post

Trinity Wall Street: Episcopal Clergy Convicted After ‘Occupy’ Demonstration On Church Property

June 18, 2012


Bishop, priest convicted of trespassing in Occupy demonstration

June 18, 2012
Hopeful Episcopalian

Another person in prison courtesy of The Episcopal Church

June 19, 2012




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