I am posting this for Rain OWS. Rain wrote this on FaceBook, I edited it for the blog.


Our day at Occupy Wall street was eventful. We woke up to the cops clapping in our ears telling us to wake up right before they hosed us off the sidewalk. Trinity security assaulted one of our protesters. We went to Zuccotti  Park and we were told we were not allowed to have book bags or sleeping bags in the park.

Trinity-3Spent a good part of the day doing outreach at the Federal Hall steps and when we returned to Trinity we found two cops we recognize, out of uniform, harassing a female Occupier and tearing up signs. We asked them nicely to stop and they shoved an Occupier and dared us to do something. What could we do as a peaceful movement on police surveillance cameras as they threw the Peoples Library, Info and people’s personal stuff in the street?


We need the live-streamers. We need the support of the people to come and stand up with us. Remember we are physically occupying public space and bringing enlightenment to the rest of the 99%. So if you call yourself Occupy, join us before one of us end up in jail over defending ourselves or someone gets hurt. Remember, I have a broken toe and foot yet I still occupy even though I have a place to live and an opportunity to go back to work. So come out if you support those doing physical protest.


Rain OWS