CEO Cooper has handed in his letter of resignation! That is a success for everybody who participated in occupying Trinity Wall Street Church. Congratulations everyone — we have ousted a corrupt CEO!

Now, CEO Cooper being the greedy bastard that he is, won’t actually resign for two more years — at least, that’s his plan. However, we’ll be back in the Spring to occupy his front steps again, and push him into leaving sooner than he wants. He doesn’t deserve two more years of a million dollar salary. What does he actually do for that money anyway? With less than 50 parishoners his leadership is worse than the smallest and poorest parish of his born-in-woman’s-blood Church of England 1%’er religion. Seems to me he is a total failure. It is the height of stupidity to let him stay on for two more years simply so he can milk the church for more millions.

It has come out recently that the vestry’s voting procedures are a total sham, and the financial reporting is hidden from everyone’s view except those who are stealing it. Only CEO Cooper, the vestry and the church wardens are now allowed to see the financial records. All of them should be fired, arrested, tried and jailed — not only for the financial crimes they are engaged in, but also for the crimes of humanity they have perpetrated against Occupiers and the people of New York City.

We will be back, Trinity. Expect us. A two year delay in Cooper’s resignation is not acceptable.