The tip of Wall Street.
The doors open to the rich.
Feed the CEOs
close the shelters to the poor
hide the face of hypocrisy
behind the word church.
Pay no taxes
keep it all between themselves.
Spend $5 million
to show a pretty face.
Spend $2 million
in the name of charity.
Make $10 billion
all in the name of realty.
A box lunch
for the poor twice a week
and you get into heaven.
They think in greed
instead of charity
while the homeless activists
sleep outside their gate
asking for sanctuary
being charged with trespassing
on the piece of vacant dead land.
They seek a place
to gather in community
to rise up against a system
which listens to the voice
of $ over people
and now we realize
with shocking truth
it’s not just the system
of government
but the system
of religion
following $ valuing $

Poem by pieceful