Apollo (Occupy Wall Street) reports that an employee of Trinity Wall Street Church went around to the Village Voice newspapers boxes around the church yesterday, and proceeded to gather up all the copies and throw them into the trash bins on Trinity’s grounds.

Now, why would an employee of Trinity Wall Street Church, or for that matter, any institution professing to be a Christian church, engage in such blatant, and useless, censoring of free and public community information and news? Things that make you go hmm.

Perhaps Trinity Church had a problem with the cover art:

Village Voice front cover for the December 12-18, 2012 issue.

Village Voice front cover for the December 12-18, 2012 issue.

Or perhaps it was the article associated with this picture of Trinity Wall Street Church: Lead Us Not Astray, Reverend James Cooper. The article has such statements as this one from a former Vestry member:

“We went from a 24-hour, 365-days-a-year drop-in center for the mentally ill with social services, social workers, transportation for people, a food program, a clothing program to, on Sundays afternoon, members of the congregation pack lunches in brown bags? To equate those to me is so indicative of Cooper’s lack of vision.”

And notes such items as:

The Heuss House wasn’t the only program to fall by the wayside during Cooper’s term as rector. The church no longer runs Frederic Fleming House, a home for the elderly on 22nd Street.

Of course, we’ve been saying all this, and much more, for the last six months. At least a little bit of the situation is beginning to get out into the mainstream — despite the medieval efforts of the Church staff to censor the truth.

Fire Trinity CEO Cooper! Corporate religion is not Christian! Trinity Real Estate Corporation masquerades as a church!