I am taking a 2-day break from hard-ground occupying at an undisclosed location. While here I have the opportunity to work a bit on this site, and am adding lots of photographs to all the photo pages. I will try to add some videos also. I have already added dozens of pics, and will continue far into the night.

Remember, Thanksgiving is a farce. For many years after that first pilgrim Thanksgiving, feasts of thanks were declared to recognize and celebrate the victory against, and eradication of, the “heathen inhabitants” of the land. In other words, they were giving thanks for the genocide of the Native Americans. It wasn’t until most of the Native Americans were gone from the eastern United States did Thanksgiving return to the story of the first one.

Doublespeak has been with us forever.

This Thanksgiving do something nice for the Native Americans. Make amends. De-colonize your minds and hearts.