I went to court today . . . and they had no record of my offense. I asked for a listing of all my court dates and the clerk could only find one (1) outstanding court case — January 11, 2013. Now, I know I have 5 other court cases left — all false arrests. Things that make you go hmm.

Occupiers from all over are coming in to New York City to help out with Occupy Sandy. A lot of them come through Occupy Trinity Wall Street to say “Hi!” and have a meet & greet. Kenya and Pelkey (from Occupy New Haven) ended up staying a couple nights with us here at Trinity after helping out with Occupy Sandy. We are always glad to welcome the Occupy New Haven crowd — they have helped us out all through our occupation here, and previously also, at Union Square, 702 Vermont Street and Zuccotti Park.

Another documentor came through to interview “Lady”, Corey and myself (Occupy Wall St.) yesterday. He is from Germany, and his main interest is why people join political movements, why they stay, and what the struggles are. We all had a good discussion, and in typical Occupier format each of us came from different angles, had different stories to tell, and different experiences to relate but we all zeroed in on the same goal.

The Rev. Al Sharpton was supposed to give a talk for Trinity Wall Street Church yesterday, but cancelled out of it. Thank you, Rev. Al. I have long said that we will never know how many people refused to come to Trinity Wall Street Church for events because we are here. But we do know that people have refused invitations or have cancelled. We also know that presidential candidates and VIPs often have a public show (photo op and PR) of religiosity at the church, and that just isn’t happening this year. In fact, a previous speaker in the series was heard to exclaim after the event that Trinity’s congregation is not open to the message of Christ. No kiddin’, yo!

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we are changing the world. Shit is fucked up and bullshit. Game over. Get ready for the new game.

Occupy public space, assemble freely, create community, enjoy unity, change the world. It is that simple.