I don’t have much time today and I want to impart some info . . . so here goes.

I was Brook Packard this morning at the Episcopal Convention handing out 4-page flyers to the attendees about Occupy Trinity Wall Street and Trinity Wall Street Church. The flyers gave a history of this Occupy Trinity action, and asked these questions of the clergy:

  • Is the Church owner or steward of its assets?
  • What is the Christian interpretation of private property?
  • Since the Church enjoys tax-free status what is its responsibility to the greater non-church community?
  • How do the Diocese of NY and Trinity Wall Street practically plan to employ their assets to support the Five Marks of Mission? (see yesterday’s post)
  • The Gospel tells us people are more important than profits. Is it ethical for Trinity Wall Street Church and the Diocese of NY to develop their property for luxury apartment rentals in a city where affordable housing is scarce?

Those are good questions, and I will be interested to know what the Diocese of NY comes up with as answers.

More information about Trinity Wall Street Church and especially Occupy Trinity Wall Street can be found at the following places on the Web:

  • Julia Reinhart has written about the community of homeless youth congregating at TWS and the cancellation of Halloween at www.juliareinhart.com
  • Mickey Z Vegan has posts and photos about OTWS at www.mickeyz.net, see the September 30th post especially.
  • On Facebook you can find the Occupy TrinityWallSt page
  • WagingNonViolence.org, The Gothamist, DNA Manhattan, Hopeful Episcopalian, & Occupied Bishop are other places to find info on what is going on here.

Gotta go . . . 1 minute left . . .