It was good to see the people who came to Raid Night. There was some storytelling, some chalking, some actual sleeping in sleeping bags on cardboard, and of course, a little, uh, spirited chit-chat with the local flatfeet.

Some of us were sad that so few of us were willing to stay the entire night and, once again, sleep in the park. All in all, with Occupy Sandy and Rolling Jubilee going on we must realize there are not many Occupiers who aren’t actively engaged right now. That in itself is a good thing — that so many of us are doing.

Yesterday the NYPD took all my property . . . for the fifth time. I had left it unattended at Trinity Church while I used a public internet access computer. I had even left my backpack behind because, for once, I wanted to try to pass in public as a regular person . . . not a homeless person carrying their life on their back. The prejudice against, and persecution of, homeless people is rife and rampant. I realized the risk I was taking when I left my property behind. The NYPD targets any Occupier who is actively doing. The NYPD attempts to disrupt our activities by property theft, property destruction, physical detainment, legal red tape, and outright unmitigated bullying complete with gang violence, unprovoked acts of hostility, and duplicitous infiltration designed to frustrate all efforts. We, however, are incorrigible.

Anyway, I got back to Trinity 10 minutes after they made off with everything, including the cardboard bedding and signs. I was informed that White Shirt Housman came through, made a beeline for my space, determined where Fatima’s (Occupy Wall St) and Dominique’s (Occupy New Haven) spaces and properties ended, and then wrapped everything of mine up in my tarp and drove it off to the 1st Precinct.

Anthony (street medic, Occupy Wall St.) and I went to reclaim the property, and Corey (Occupy Wall St) helped me get it back to my Occupied Space. It was not a big deal — we are getting used to these minor annoyances. We realized before we got there that about a third of my property would be missing or damaged beyond use. That’s standard operating procedure for the NYPD and Occupier property. However, what we didn’t expect was the pure, petty maliciousness of the consummated act.

The 1st Precinct had emptied all of my property onto the tarp — opening and emptying every pocket in every bag, kit and container. They emptied all the plastic baggies with medical supplies. They unrolled all my gauze and ace bandages. Most everything was dirtied, as if the gauze pads, band-aids and other individually wrapped items were emptied onto the floor, and then swept up, along with floor dirt, into the tarp. The end result was that although only about a third of the property was missing outright, because so much of it was medical stuff I had to throw away more than half of what I had because the sterility was compromised.

Most of my herbal tinctures, vitamins, and wound ointments were missing, stolen by the ones who are sworn to protect against thievery. I know the 1st Precinct reads this blog (thanks to Lollipop Cop), and I want you to know unequivocally I do not respect, fear or recognize you or your authority. You behave like immature bullies, the way you carry out your work marks you as thuggish brutes, and your lack of insight, understanding and critical thinking makes me question your species identification. Get a life, yo!

Getting back to protests . . . this Saturday, November 17th, at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Amsterdam Avenue between 110th and 112th Streets, the Diocese of New York will have its annual convention. Bishops, priests, deacons and all the colleagues and overseers of Trinity Wall Street Church will be in attendance for the annual business. Occupy Trinity will be there handing out flyers with Bishop and Brooke Packard.

On Tuesday, November 20th, Occupy Trinity will be at the Nigerian Embassy at 828 Second Avenue with Occupy Nigeria, a state senator and an International Human Rights Monitor, among other notables.

All day, every day we are protesting Trinity Real Estate Corporation masquerading as a Church on Broadway at the corner of Wall Street.