Last year on this date I remember thinking, and declaring, that Bloomberg would not raid us because the whole world was watching and would rise up in our defence. I was wrong. The next night he made his move and had the NYPD brutally evict us from Liberty Park (aka Zuccotti Park). The whole world watched . . . and did nothing. Sheeple! Bah.

We have not gone away. Occupy Wall Street never left. We have been here in New York City ever since. We are still occupying. We are still protesting. We are still fighting for your rights.

We are still non-violent.

The NYPD still harrasses us. The NYPD still tortures us (sleep deprivation, sensory disorientation, food theft, etc.). The NYPD still brutalizes us.

Why? The NYPD attacks us in order to prevent us from freely assembling into working groups to address all the many issues that are fucked up and bullshit. Occupy Sandy shows what we can do if we are left alone to assemble. If we are allowed our rights to actively work for meaningful change in the issues that directly concern us, we can succeed. Our success scares the bejeezus out of the 1% and their puppet politicians. The 1% has tried to dumb us all down through an oppressive educational system, to domesticate us all into scared sheeple through phoney terrorist threats and real government persecutions, and to deaden our sensibilities through unrestrained consumerism, ubiquitous pornography and alcohol-induced cheap thrills. Their plan did not work on all of the people — Occupy Wall Street unequivocally rejects the status quo or any attempt at band-aid reform. Game over, Wall Street!

We are still here. Occupy Wall Street’s hard-grounders have been occupying at Union Square since March 18, 2012, at Trinity Wall Street Church since June 8, 2012, and outside the house of the CEO of Goldman-Sachs since October 17, 2012. We occupied the Federal Hall steps for more than two months, and one of us still gives daily speeches from there. We have tried to occupy Brookfield Properties but were viciously beaten and evicted. We have occupied Chase Bank, Citigroup, HSBC and Bank of America for numerous sleepful protests. We have tried to occupy and protest Bank of New York Mellon at 1 Wall Street. We have tried to re-occupy Zuccotti Park a number of times. We have engaged in many other activities and protests here in New York City and all across the continent since Raid Night, but the mainstream media has refused to acknowledge our existence or effectiveness . . . until Occupy Sandy, when it became painfully obvious to everyone in New York City that the government does not care, and Occupy does care — about everybody.

Occupy Sandy Sign

Occupy Sandy simply shows what people can do when they get off their asses, ignore the authorities, and get to work doing what has to be done. Occupy Sandy gave food and aid to FEMA and Red Cross volunteers who had no idea what they were doing. Occupy Wall Street did not prepare for disaster relief. Occupy Wall Street did not budget for training and supplies. Occupy Wall Street hs no president, CEO or other leader to provide direction and focus. We know how to do the job and don’t need anyone to give orders. We, the people, are Occupy Wall Street, and we don’t need no stinkin’ bosses to tell us what to do!

Raid Night starts tomorrow at 11pm and continues through to sunrise on the 15th. It is a hard memory for all of us. Many of us cannot view the released NYPD tapes of the raid because of the trauma suffered. Many of us bear scars from that night, both physically and emotionally. Many of us have not forgotten that the government declared war against us, and we do not forgive Bloomberg and his puppet police department for enacting that war — then, and continuously thereafter with no end in sight.

Raid Night. It was a traumatic experience, and the anniversary will re-open those wounds. There is only one way to heal, one way towards closure, one way towards riding the wave of history again — re-occupy. It is time to say ‘enough is enough‘! It is time to say ‘hell no, we won’t go‘! It is time to say ‘Occupy Wall Street, all day, all week, all year, still here‘!

Do I think we will re-occupy? No. Too many of us have been compromised, too many have been traumatized, too many have been abandoned by so-called “OWS organizers” who are actually working toward their own ends, not the goals of OWS. We may not re-occupy on Raid Night, but I will be ready just in case it is time to once again occupy public space, freely assemble and create community.If we don’t, who will?

It is time to remember who we are.