There’s a movie shoot here today, and a benefit concert (a Bach mass with choir) for the Mayors Fund. The Rev. Al Sharpton will be speaking at 74 Trinity Place, behind the church, on the 18th. On the 14th/15th there is the Raid Night anniversary get-together at Zuccotti Park. I will be there. I would love to see us all there. Remember that on the 20th Occupy Trinity teams up with Occupy Nigeria at the Nigerian Embassy at noon sharp.

While collecting cardboard last night we also found a copy of the Wall Street Journal. There was an interesting article in it about Bank of New York Mellon — which sits right across the street from us, address: 1 Wall Street. It seems BNY Mellon had a scheme whereby they had hidden charges in currency transactions in state employee pension funds. It was estimated that they made billions of dollars with this scheme. Their penalty was to pay the whistleblower group $1.1 million . . . but BNY Mellon boasted that they didn’t even have to pay that . . . and give an honest deal to the state that pressed the charges (Virginia) for the next 10 years. Nobody went to jail. Things that make you go hmm.

Arrest the bankers, not the protesters!