Rabble, rabble, ribble, rabble!

The System isn’t broken, it’s fixed! We’re broken, all of us! Occupy is a revolution of healing. If it is not a healing revolution it is simply a continuation of the old system of violences encoded into law in order that a privileged few can dominate. We must be careful in our struggle against power that the struggle itself does not define us, and thereby render us marginalized. One of the most difficult challenges facing us is to give up the privileges this society affords some of us in order to free all of us. Occupying is an act of love, support and solidarity — or it is nothing.

Here at Occupy Trinity we get a lot of support from people like “Hot Chocolate Dude” (from Occupy Wall St.) who brings us steaming hot chocolate every night, Karen (from Occupy Wall St.) who brings love and clothes, Rebecca and Branden (from Occupy Fresno) who helped us occupy new friends, smiles and love for the night, and Austin (street medic), Ann and Mike (from Occupy Boston) who came to help out Occupy Sandy efforts in Far Rockaway and will be coming back to help in Staten Island. Every day and every night people stop by to share and support the struggle against the System that is hurting all of us.

Only 6 minutes left online, and I have yet to check my email or Facebook! See you at the corner of Wall St and Broadway.

Occupy public space, assemble freely, create community-unity-unity-unity, de-colonize.