I just got out of court — another case dismissed. These dismissals add up to harrassment charges against the NYPD and Trinity Wall Street Church.

Speaking of harrassment . . . Trinity Church has been calling the police on us with bogus complaints. Somebody ought to tell them that making bogus complaints against protesters is against the law. Just because Trinity doesn’t want us there is not a valid reason to harass protesters with bogus complaints. This scenario has already been played out in the courts, and there is no doubt about it — the protested cannot protest the protesters being there.

In other news, since Hurricane Sandy several people have stated that they thought the hurricane would send us away. I don’t know why they have these thoughts. Mother Earth is on our side. When She wants to address the crimes against Her we simply step out of the way, and come back when She’s done. She closed down Wall Street and the Stock Exchange, and that is what we want also.

In related news, people have also been asking if we will go away after the election. Again, I don’t know why they have these thoughts. The election has nothing to do with Occupy Trinity. We will leave when CEO Cooper is fired from both the Church and the Real Estate Corporation. Trinity knows this, but refuses to acknowledge it. Instead, Trinity keeps trying to say we are occupying because we are homeless. No, we are occupying here because Trinity Wall Street Church is the Wall Street Temple of Greed. Because Trinity is a real estate corporation masquerading as a church. Because Trinity cannot prove they own any of the land they make their billions from. Because Trinity pretends to be helping the poor, and helping OWS, but really does nothing but lip service and con jobs. I mean, come on now, telling people they helped by allowing us into Charlotte’s Place is totally bogus. Charlotte’s Place is open to the public, and since we are the public it was always open to us. The fact is that they closed Charlotte’s Place for a month during last winter to prevent us from using it as a warming spot. The fact is that reducing the hours of operation to 2 a day was to prevent us from using the space for anything except a quick email check.

Oops, ran out of time on the public computer . . . but have not run out of time at Trinity!!!