“Ya gotta respect my gangster!”

That statement has been made famous ’round these parts by “Revolution” (from Occupy Little Rock). But it should be the catchphrase of Wall Street and all the bankers ’round these parts.

Bank of America puts the -ism into gangster — they illegally foreclosed mortgages on active-duty military personnel for the last three years, they instituted an overdraft scheme that netted $4.05 billion in profit after the fine was levied, they made $29.2 million in a scheme that overbilled customers, they made undisclosed billions in a credit card scheme with VISA and MasterCard, they made even more undisclosed billions deceiving investors in its purchase of Merrill Lynch, and they made undisclosed millions fraudulently enrolling customers in worthless credit card scams. Nobody was sent to jail. Things that make you go hmm.

Morgan Stanley colluded with Keyspan and Astoria Generating to withhold electricity from the market in order to drive prices up. New Yorkers paid $300 million more than they had to for electricity during that period. Morgan Stanley was paid $21 million by their gangster partners, the Feds fined Morgan Stanley $4.8 million . . . so Morgan Stanley made $16.2 million on the deal and nobody was sent to jail. Things that make you go hmm.

Wells Fargo uses racist strategies to force minority customers into paying higher mortgage rates and fees for no other reason except the color of their skin or the number of vowels in their name. Hispanics paid an average of $2000 more for mortgages than Whites. Blacks were made to pay an average of $3000 more than Whites. Wells Fargo was made to pay for that crime — a .011 percent (11 thousandths of one percent) cut from their income for the year. You gotta respect that gangster — they made off with almost $175 billion in profit from their racial surtax. Nobody was sent to jail. Things that make you go hmm.

JP Morgan showed their patriotism by making undisclosed millions by overcharging and illegally foreclosing on 6,000 active duty soldiers. They were also caught making more undisclosed billions in financial dealings with states and individuals that the United States government considers terrorists. They also were involved in an overdraft scheme that made even more undisclosed millions in profit after the fine. They made a huge amount of undisclosed billions in a scheme to attract customers away from other banks. Not satisfied with all that fraud and treason, they were involved in widespread money laundering. All that crime helped them make $25.9 billion last quarter. Nobody was sent to jail. Things that make you go hmm.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. As examples, SunTrust used the same racial surtax mortgage scam as Wells Fargo, and ING dealt with the same terrorists as JP Morgan, Capital One and Discover used the same scam as Bank of America to deceive customers into buying protection they didn’t understand, want or need. Nobody went to jail. Things that make you go hmm.

The Wall Street Mob has been getting away with crimes for many years, making many billions — possibly trillions — of net profit while the 99% suffer. As I write this there are still almost 1 million New Yorkers without gas or electricity because of Hurricane Sandy. Yet the billionaires have been having their holiday parties as usual. Millions are being spent on decadent entertainment, big name stars, lavish venues, and extravagant food and liquor (not to mention drugs . . . oops) while a large percentage of New Yorkers are still reeling from the aftermath of the storm. Occupy Wall Street has been in every NYC borough, Long Island and New Jersey bringing food, water, blankets, important relief info and more to people in need. Trinity Wall Street Church, on the other hand, the richest parish in the entire world clutched tightly to their billions and chained their iron gates closed for the entire storm period, finally opening them for the 11:15am service today. The gates will swing shut immediately thereafter. No sanctuary from the storm at Trinity . . . but we already knew that, didn’t we? We aren’t occupying Trinity for no reason. We are occupying Trinity because it is the Wall Street Temple of Greed, Lust and Hubris.

I walked back to Broadway & Wall Street from mid-Brooklyn on Halloween night carrying all my medical supplies. It was a surreal experience. Lower Manhattan was dark except for flashing emergency vehicle lights, the Goldman-Sachs building (completely lit up), and the 24-hour surveillance lights (and cameras) Trinity Church installed over our occupied space. It was nice to know that Trinity Church was keeping the lights on for us so we could find our way home. Actually, we are thankful for the lights because there was a serious injury that night to one of the many street people wandering about. Of the four Occupiers who returned to Trinity Church on Halloween, two were street medics. We cleaned the injured person up and got him to the hospital for a night of observation. We saw him the next day — he will be hurting for a while, but he is OK.

Every day since then more and more Occupiers have come back to Occupy Trinity Wall Street Church. We have helped the homeless people displaced by the storm surge with food, clothes, emergency blankets, relief info and more. Our supporters have come by to check on us, and to bring us more supplies. ConEd workers cheer us on as they pass by doing the real hero-work, but the NYPD still oppresses us — wanting to arrest me yesterday for chalking the sidewalk (which many businesses are doing right now without facing charges), disparaging us as “worthless bums” (our two babysitters last night), and the ever-present continuing threat of stealing our supplies and personal property.

I wish to remind Trinity Wall Street Church of something they should know well: Titus 1:16 — They profess to know God, but by their deeds they deny Him, being detestable and disobedient and worthless for any good deed.

The people united will never be defeated. Another world is possible. Don’t wait for the government or other institution to help you — do it yourself! Get together with your neighbors, figure out what you need to do, and do it! That is what OWS has taught us Occupiers, that is what you can do also.

Check out #occupysandy in your favorite search engine.