The last couple of days the NYPD have been sending in new White Shirts. These new guys walk up and down the line as if they are inspecting their troops. “Your cardboard is over the line, Occupier!” “Hold that sign, Occupier!” “Is that your property, Occupier?” “Comply or be arrested, Occupier!” These inspections can come anytime, though there is a pattern to them usually. People are creatures of habit, after all. It is on these inspection visits that the danger of property, signs and cardboard being taken is the greatest (aside from when we are sleeping). Arrests happen at these times also.

This morning they had a special treat for us. At 7am, hose down time, they woke us up by blasting teenage pop music at us. <shudder> It was horrible torture.

Sorry, I have to go. No time. Gotta go. Here’s the info for the joint action with Occupy Nigeria.

Carl Umunna, Occupy Nigeria, International Human Rights Monitor, 646-643-9571,, Occupy Nigerian Embassy, November 20, 2012, 12:00 noon sharp, Featured Speaker: Senator Bill Perkins.

Remember, Fatima and I will also be speaking — as well as being on duty as medics.