We were our own worst enemy last night. Solidarity, unity and co-operation have to be more than words — they must be actions. When people among us have been causing troubles and hostilities, and no amount of discussion with them produces any change in behaviours, we have no choice but to shun them. The safety, growth and effectiveness of the group and the Movement depend on everyone maintaining a creative space, not a destructive one. We have identified a few people, who through their continued unethical behaviours are a danger to the group and the individuals within the group. Several times we have had meetings and consensed that we must not make these people welcome unless they change their behaviours. Yet, all one of these troublemakers has to do to get a welcome is offer to buy alcohol for a few of us — the few of us concerned more about themselves than the group or the Movement.

The NYPD will not intervene when these troublemakers are causing a ruckus on the sidewalk. The cops will not intervene until someone they want to arrest gets involved — and then they arrest that one, leaving the instigator alone. Of course, we know the NYPD spares no expense to pay street people to join us and cause trouble. A recent news story highlighted a 19-year old the NYPD was giving $1,000 a month to for baiting muslims. We have our own NYPD-paid instigators. We have known them for a long time now. It is time we rose up against them in solidarity and co-operation. If you spread a message of violence, hate and/or easy money then we need to exclude you from our community. You need help, more help than we can provide at this time because the NYPD prevents us from freely assembling.

So, because we cannot freely assemble we spent the evening shouting accusations at each other while the real instigators got a free pass. The NYPD did not hassle us last night — no surprise there as their paid instigators got us to hassle ourselves.

Back to basics: We have an urgent need for three sleeping bags, three tarps, and three backpacks. As well, we need wool socks, wool gloves, wool caps, hand warmers and raingear. I could use a pair of size 9 high-top canvas sneakers — they are the only type of shoe that my feet like. My current sneakers have huge holes in them. I tried a pair of ground-score size 9 leather Nikes but developed blisters, pains and a serious limp within a single day.

Another joint Occupy Nigeria/Occupy Wall Street action is being planned. Fatima and I have been asked to be two of the speakers. This action is primarily in response to the recent lynchings of four students. For photos of our last joint action please visit this link. More info on this action soon.