Last night we had a small cardboard war — me vs the NYPD. Sometime around midnight the NYPD came through in force and, without a word, starting grabbing signs, loose cardboard and my cardboard bedding. For some reason they don’t want me to have cardboard bedding even though nearly everyone else here uses cardboard for bedding.

Anyway, their raid ruffled my feathers and I protested loudly for the next couple hours. As soon as the extra backup cops left I went out and got some more cardboard for bedding and signs. As I started making signs and placing them out on the sidewalk, the backup cops came back and snatched my signs and bedding again — also without a word spoken even though I was in their faces belittling them for this immature action of theirs.

The backup cops hung around for a while this time, and I knew if I went for more cardboard while they were around they would swoop in and take my property & medical supplies. While I can carry everything I have, it is unwieldy and uncomfortable. If I only had to worry about my personal property it would all fit in my backpack. But I have to maintain enough medical supplies for any emergency and any continuing care problem.

As soon as they left I salvaged another stack of cardboard from the neighborhood. This time I didn’t bother with using any for bedding — instead I just made a lot of signs. I even made little, baby signs just big enough to hold one word — “Occupy”. I placed the signs all up and down the sidewalk, on both sides. As soon as I finished the backup cops came back. They picked up all the signs. They missed only two baby signs — one was given to Rami (from Occupy Wall St.) for his archive, and the other was given to a visiting occupier from Occupy Oakland.

There was a little conversation this third time, however. When they were done picking up the signs one of the cops came over, and in a frustrated demeanor asked why I kept putting signs up when I knew they would just come back and take them down. I asked why they were taking our protest signs, which are protected by constitutional law in three ways: freedom of speech, artwork, and personal property. He had no answer.

By this time it was late, I was tired, so to sleep I went. In the morning we were woken up by the NYPD just a few minutes before the hosedown. My usual routine is to have a coffee in my occupied space and wait for the hoser to reach my area before moving. Today the NYPD would not let me wait. The White Shirt (not recognized, and I couldn’t read his name tag) angrily, with expressive movements of his arms and invading my personal space with his body, demanded I move. I recognized the behaviour as a White Shirt about to order an arrest, and so I emptied my half-cup of coffee on the sidewalk, picked up my gear and left. Captain Papamichael (aka Hooker Cop, aka Lollipop Cop) thought about stopping me, she called me by name telling me I had littered, but I just ignored her and kept walking.

During the morning round-up we found that, once again, the NYPD had stolen our food sometime during the night. The NYPD are accomplished thieves — they deserve a medal for their sneakiness.

These juvenile games are ridiculous. The seriousness of all the different local, national and global crises facing us demand our full attention and resources. Stop resisting, Mayor Bloomberg! Occupy Wall Street will not be deterred. This occupation is not leaving. Stealing our cardboard signs and our food just highlights that you are the Bad Guys, and strengthens our resolve.

Oh, I have a question for Bloomberg and Kelly — why are NYPD detectives and the Downtown Alliance being sent out to take pictures of homeless people? Why are these pictures being collected? Why did Bloomberg order Kelly to arrest a certain 20 of these homeless people on sight? And why were these particular 20 chosen at this time? The answers to these and other questions we continually ask would spell the end for both Bloomberg and Kelly. Is anyone listening? Do any of the sheeple care? All our rights as citizens of these United States are being shredded, trampled and eradicated. Where is everyone? Has the Zombie Apocalypse joke become a Sheeple Apocalypse reality?

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We are the 99%, and so are you! Stop resisting, NYPD!