You know what’s funny? When the sub-contractors hose down the sidewalk they use bleach, ammonia and windex. What a laugh, right? The workers think so. They were laughing about it during last night’s hosedown. Of course, we know what ammonia and bleach mixed together make, don’t we? If you don’t, then please click on the this link and LEARN SOMETHING. I do not think it is funny at all — in fact, I think it is intentional violence intended to harm us.

I will also point out that I have previously approached the worker pouring the chemicals onto the sidewalk and asked him what they were, and what, if any, were the health warnings of whatever products he was using. His response? “Don’t worry. It’s safe.” When I pressured him to tell me what it was he was using, explaining I am a medic and concerned about Occupier health, he ignored me and walked away.

The NYPD stole I.B.’s property yesterday. It was the third or fourth time for I.B. (from Occupy Wall St.), who runs our Info Station. They took everything he had, swooping in while I.B. made a restroom trip. I was 10 feet away, but the police moved so fast that by the time I heard them and turned around they were already running to the trunk of their car to stash I.B.’s stuff and drive off. I have never seen them move so fast — they must have targeted him, and were waiting for their opportunity. When the NYPD steals unattended proerty from us they destroy it. All of I.B.’s personal property is gone. A majority of our Info stuff is gone (Dre (from Occupy Wall St.) runs a smaller Info Station).

This is only one account — all of us have had property stolen by the NYPD. Most of us have lost everything at one time or another. Stay here and occupy for more than a week and you too will be a victim of the New York Perpetrator Department. Stay for a day and you will find out the Trinity Wall Street definition of Christian works . . . Fire CEO James Cooper! Fire Chief Ray Kelly! Fire Mayor Michael Bloomberg! Then arrest all three of them.

Occupy Wall Street, all day, all week, all year, still here!