The life of an Occupier . . .

After writing the earlier blog post I walked to a little park overlooked by the secret NYPD Anti-Terrorism HQ.

Oops! Was it really secret?

Anyway, I went there for a little solitude, reflection and meditation before returning to Occupy Trinity. When I got to Occupy Trinity, under mostly blue sky, the outstanding event happening was the steady stream of water descending from the newly drilled holes in the scaffolding. The unexpected waterfall was puzzling passersby, who would look out to the dry street and sidewalk outside the scaffolding, and then back to the splattering shower under the scaffolding with questioning looks. The sinful stream held no wonder for me, however, as the target of the downpour is my occupied space — my sleeping area and my medical space.

Fatima (from Occupy Wall St.) told me the workers were atop the scaffolding with brooms pushing the water (and filth from the tower renovation) to the holes over my space. She said the Occupiers on the sidewalk could hear the workers laughing as they worked. I am grateful they have a job they are so enthusiastic about. If they are real construction workers — we’ve noticed that one of the hose-guys also appears once in a while as a Securitas guard. Is he either, both, or none of the above? — should be commended for going over and above the call of duty and receive a community award of some sort.

These juvenile antics by Trinity Wall Street Church/Real Estate Corporation will not deter me, nor will it deter Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Trinity action.

The people united will never be defeated.