What exactly do I mean when I write that we are being harrassed? Well . . . yesterday Brian (from Occupy Wall St.) was sleeping in his sleeping bag when he was awoken on orders by Winski’s Evil Twin (Timmoney . . . as if Winski isn’t evil enough!). Seems Brian was “sleeping in his sleeping bag the wrong way”. (???) I passed by Brian just before Timmoney got there, and Brian was zipped up and proper. Later we found out that being zipped up was the “wrong way”. Who knew?

Being woken up wasn’t all that happened to Brian. He was dragged out of his sleeping bag by a couple Blue Shirts. He resisted slightly, justifiably angrily, and because of that he was beaten by more than 6 Blue Shirts. His face was slammed into the marble building, then he was thrown on the sidewalk, his face smashed into the concrete. At one point he yelled for the police not to stand on his legs (having been subjected to that before) — at which point one Blue Shirt promptly stood on his ankles. In the ensuing struggle his pants came off. There was a large crowd of gawkers, and he was held immobile and naked from the waist to his ankles. All the Occupiers there were yelling for the police to pull his pants up and stop beating him, but the police did not listen or comply. They kept him half-naked for several minutes before restoring his pants to their proper place. He was taken to Bellevue, and we have not heard anything about his status at this point. You can be sure of one thing: the original charge of sleeping the wrong way in a sleeping bag will not be in the police report.

Last night I was told that if I used cardboard as my bedding I would be “taken in” (i.e. arrested). That others, most others, were using cardboard as bedding didn’t matter. If I used that terrorist weapon of mass destruction, cardboard, I would be arrested. I argued, but complied — it being after midnight and I needed sleep (which wouldn’t come until 4am, only to be woken at 5:30am for the 7:00am hosedown).

It didn’t stop at the cardboard. I have Victoria from Occupy D.C. to thank for still having my current property — on a trip to the men’s room the police swooped in to take my property and trash it, but Victoria got to it first. When I got back I was warned by the Blue Shirts, twice, that if I left any property unattended they would immediately take it. Of course, “unattended” is strictly defined by the NYPD as “not being held.” Even then, sometimes standing on your property is not enough “attending” — as I have twice found out. I am also fairly sure the NYPD stole my socks the other night while I was sleeping . . . they are always pulling juvenile stunts like that.

Another kind of harrassment came from Trinity this morning. After the morning hosedown workers climbed atop the scaffolding and drilled holes all along its length directly above where we occupy. Then, not content with waiting for the rain, they turned on the water up there and made it ‘rain’ on us in a couple spots — mine and I.B.’s (from Occupy Wall Street)(Medical and Info).

There’s more — more just from yesterday and today (like stealing all our signs and our food and our books while we slept) — but I am running out of time on this public computer. I will note that Trinity lacks three building permits for the work it is doing, and we have contacted the proper authorities about that. We’ll see if anything is done about that, or if Trinity pulls some strings and gets out of the fines and stop-work orders.

We are still there, now under three banks of lights at night that would do Yankee Stadium proud, and with enough surveillance cameras for a reality TV show. Day 137 and counting. We are Occupy Wall Street, still here, still occupying.