Lots has happened since I last wrote. There’s the Goldman-Sachs Occupation, the Halloween Propaganda War and the increased harrassment by the NYPD, Trinity Wall Street Church, the Downtown Alliance and especially Securitas.

One nice thing happened: Jenn at (Trinity’s) Charlotte’s Place helped me return an Occupier to their home. Thank you, Jenn — you are a good person.

About Halloween . . . CEO Cooper claims we Occupiers are a threat to the safety of the children, and so he has cancelled Halloween festivities at Trinity. What a joke! Doesn’t anyone remember the NYPD always stationed within 5 feet of us? Doesn’t anyone remember the 24-hour video surveillance we are subjected to? Doesn’t anyone remember we always have at least one medic on duty here? Are the police so incompetent and ineffectual that two dozen of them cannot provide a sense of safety for CEO Cooper?

We are not a threat to the children. Anyone who thinks so is a moronic idiot — a sheeple. Baa, baa. CEO Cooper just is not happy that everyone who comes to Trinity Wall Street Church is reminded by our presence that the church is in costume. Every day is Halloween here because Trinity Real Estate Corporation masquerades as a church.