It is a quiet day today — the Lollipop Cop (Papamichael) only kicked me off two (2) sidewalks before 7:30am. No arrest, and so that is good.

Excuse me, there was a three day interruption . . .

We are in the middle of an NYPD and Trinity Wall Street Church crackdown on us. The plan the last week for them has been to make us move, hose the sidewalk down, and arrest people on bogus charges. We had a high of 5 arrests in one day (Mouse, Felix, Shiloh, Gadget & myself) this past week, but no arrests the past three days here at Trinity. However, three of our Occupy Trinity people were arrested in Harlem with Occupy The ‘Hood.

This morning I spoke to the White Shirt (couldn’t get his name, still no glasses) about hosing us down and the risk of hypothermia. He was honest and said he didn’t care about our risk of hypothermia. He did say that when the temperature reaches 32 degrees F that he will move us all off the sidewalk and order us to go home, go to shelters, or bring us to the hospital. He was smiling and chuckling as he made that declaration.

We need new tactics. It is time to remind the NYPD that they are not in control.

Occupy Wall Street, all day, all week, all year, still here!