I am reading two great books from the OWS Library at the moment here at Occupy Trinity. Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and The Subsistence Perspective by Bennholdt-Thomsen and Mies. Both are fascinating from an Occupy perspective.

Speaking of which, Bennholdt-Thomsen and Mies have written a book that every Occupier should read. I only have 25 minutes left at the public library computer so this has to be short.

In one chapter they talk about the reinvention of the commons-linked economy. They outline the parts of the process:

1.) defending and reclaiming of public space

2.) ecological regionalization and localization instead of globalization

3.) decentralization

4.) share equally

5.) policy created from below — policy as a living process of the people in local communities

6.) manifold ways of realizing a community and a multiplicity of communities

What they write about is exactly what Occupy means to me. Thank you Veronika Bennholdt-Thomsen and Maria Mies.