It begins again. The NYPD his trying to evict us from the sidewalk. They came with the Goon Squad, TARU, Counter-terrorism, Riot Cops and lots of backup on scooters down the street. Hooker Cop (Papamichael) and Seidl headed up the action against us. Seidl was out of control. Seidl pulled at least two of us out of our Occupied Space and arrested us for speaking the truth. I was in his face, eye-to-eye, for quite some time today, and I can say without hesitation that his higher functions had shut down and he was on automatic. He buried his courtesy, compassion and common sense in favor of obeying orders. Whose orders? They never tell us, but we know.

Mayor Bloomberg, beware! Zuccotti Park is everywhere!

Watch the video of the arrests today right here:

Two of our new live-streamers were arrested — obviously targeted. The NYPD confiscated the equipment. We won’t get it back until it doesn’t matter anymore. I haven’t gotten anything back that the NYPD has stolen from me. One of our live-streamers was goaded into a fight by one of the ever-present troublemakers — Joseph. Of course, our live-streamer gets arrested, not Joseph. Even when Joseph threatened to kill me while I sleep, the police did nothing. When I later told Joseph he was not welcome here he threatened me again and wanted to fight me right in front of Hooker Cop. Instead of taking him away, she told me that I shouldn’t be fighting with my own. I told her that Joseph is not one of us. My fellow Occupiers separated us and kept me from being arrested. The NYPD is useless in their declared role. They have become goons and thugs, Bloomberg’s Gang. They rule by force. The gun on their belt is their only authority.

As I write this I am told they have moved in again, and are taking more property. They want to arrest us all. They want us out. They are terrified of us. We are winning!

We have a legal, moral, ethical and constitutional right to protest in the manner in which we are. We scare the Powers That Be because they cannot move us. We will not go home. We will not stop telling people who the criminals are (Chief Kelly, Mayor Bloomberg, President Obama, CEO/Rector James Cooper, CEO Jamie Dimon, etc.). We will not stop trying to halt the destruction of our world by war profiteers and capitalist robber barons. We are as mad as hell and are not going to take this anymore.

Please be sure to watch our livestreams, here is one that is still active:

I will list the others later, but right now I have to get back to the action. Please consider doinating to the cause here. You can do so with monetary donations to our WePay account.

Thank you for your support. We all appreciate it. We will keep fighting Wall Street . . . for you, and for the children seven generations out.

Mitakuye Oyasin.