Prince and I tried to sleep in Zuccotti Park last night. We laid out along the library ledge. We were there for an hour (1:15 am -2:15 am) before Brookfield Security came by and moved us along. Prince ended up sleeping on the sidewalk outside Zuccotti while I tried (unsuccessfully) to get a couple hours sleep at Occupy Trinity.

Trinity Wall Street Church & Real Estate Corporation could actually do a “world of good” as their advertising proclaims. Their assets fall somewhere between $1 billion and $465 billion, depending on which account one happens to be reading. What is for certain is that they own over 200 acres of the most expensive land in the world. If they liquidated their assets and used the money wisely, they could single-handedly change the face of the world for the better. In fact, this is what Jesus would do if he had between $1 billion and $465 billion in assets.

Trinity Wall Street Church is not interested in changing the world for the better. It is only interested in preserving the status quo. It is primarily interested in making more money. That is not what Jesus would do, and that is because this church is not Christian, it is corporate.

Corporate religion, like corporate politics and corporate science, is a travesty, a blasphemy, a sin. Corporate influence in politics, science and religion corrupts completely. We need to get corporate influence out of politics, out of science, and out of religion. Money is not our representative, money is not our teacher, and money is not our deity. Money is simply a tool. The planet sustains us, not money. We cannot eat money. The bounty of the planet does not depend on money, but it does depend on our loving attention. It is time to give the Earth our love.