Time is again upon me, I must share some things. I am in that state of mind again, that I need to try to capture some thoughts.

First I want to give you a bit of understanding where I am coming from these days. I am a full time Occupier. While there are a lot of folks who will not know what that mean, I fully intend on trying to capture the feeling and to describe what it’s doing to me and my comrades.

First, being in Occupy means that for about a year now, a group of people have gathered together for the purpose of bringing about change on a global scale. Occupy acts as an open platform for those that have grievances, and needed a place to let them be known, and were not satisfied with only; sitting on a computer somewhere, sharing these grievances with online communities. After some planning by some of those folks using their online communities, a bunch us took to a park in NYC and within a month, Occupy and in particular; Occupy Wall Street had become a term familiar to just about all the far reaches of the globe. No, literally, within a month’s time; following the lead and in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, an Occupy camp had sprung up in just about every major city around the world.

This is great, and by no means is any of what I am about to go off on, in any way to take anything away from the achievements that Occupy as a movement has made. What I do intend to do is to try to give a small glimpse to give some understanding of how hard its been and still is. This is going to be my personal account. I am not going to cover all of my experiences as I am hoping to stay focused long enough so that I don’t get tired of writing, but as much as I can give you to let you know the craziness that has become my world, since October 2011.

Right here, is my time that I am taking to point to my donation accounts, so that if you all want to help me continue in my occupation attempts, please feel free to donate to either WePay or PayPal.  Thank you in advance…. 🙂

What led me to get involved with Occupy in the first place?

I think we all should be involved with Occupy, or some kind of activism of some kind at this point in the game. I mean, have you seen any of the news lately? What country do you live in? Did you know that not only yours but countries around the globe are on a downward spiral? What about humanity? And are we still waiting for our governments to fix the problems? Oh wait, what about education and work you say? Have you seen those numbers? I mean, student debt slaves just about everyone into working all their lives trying to pay off the interest alone. And let’s talk about work, or the lack there of it, with the number of unemployed skyrocketing, and yes; even in the greatest country on the planet; not!!! So in a nutshell, either you get out and do something to try to make things better starting in your own community, or that’s right just keep on shopping, because everything is alright, there is nothing to see here, according to the masters of the universe as we know it right now.  Its just best we all sit around and keep watching our favorite: team, show, and eating favorite crap foods right?
Well these are just some of the reasons why Occupy sprung up in the first place, and along the same lines that I am involved. You will find, that while there are some similarities, each Occupier has their own personal reasons for their Occupation.

How’s it going then?
Glad you asked. Well in just short of a years time, Occupy has made many accomplishments, and a simple Google search, or getting off your computer and going outside and finding Occupiers in your local area will show some of the battles that Occupy has faced and defeated. However, if anyone tells you that any of this has been easy, they surely have no clue what theyre speaking about and you have my permission to punch said persons in their mouths. Upon doing your Google search and or speaking with folks that have been boots on the ground Occupying, the only thing that has been easy is getting the police to violate human rights.

For example, In the following article, titled: Human rights report: NYPD ‘violated rights’ of Occupy protesters;  violated civil and human right of Occupy Wall St protesters. And that article and those findings have not stopped them. Far from it, if anything; it has made them even more cocky and boisterous. With each new day, there are new incidents for protesters that are still camping out in the name of Occupy. Yes, and filing reports and complaints does a load of good. Trust me… But ok, you know, you protest, cops are bound to be a thorn in your side right? I mean, everyone who comes out for a day of action have to understand that there is some risk of police brutality or at very least, arrest. What helps this to be so mind bending? Oh yeah, did I mention that Occupy protests are the first of their kind? So no one knows whats going to happen from one day to the next. Yay!!!

So what does that mean? Well, it can mean quite a few things and how its been applied so far is nothing less than a disastrously hard uphill battle with low profile tires on your sports coupe trying to speed up the incline during an icy winter in Bremerton Washington. Ok, maybe not that bad, because we’ve actually made, and make daily progress. What that progress is, is probably still looking like some of what it looked like when we first started to make progress in September 2011, but trust me, Occupy as a movement, inspite of being ignored by every major media outlet in the country, is still moving strong, and have events and day of actions continuously. Again check with the Occupies in your local areas for updates on what they are doing or have planned.

So, there we have it, the police are rough on protesters who are working hard to have these protests that run 24/7 and everyone of the protesters are seasoned pros at protesting and organizing themselves, and are probably some of the most thoughtful bunch on the planet. And every night, we all get together around out camp and sing hymns of how we are going to take down the man….  Wrong!!!  If there is anything that is challenging sometimes about being in Occupy is that a great deal of all the boots to the ground type folks, who are willing to sleep outside, day in day out, and yell about civil and human right violations to the police, and any number of other daily Occupier contributions is that, we’ve got to be some of the most psychotic individuals alive. And yes, yes very much, that means me included.

Recipe for Occupied Camp Stew
Mix some old heads with some young ones. Make sure some of them are angry, and do add a lot of passiveness in others. Grab a few that have whatever mix of personality disorder of your choosing, the wider the range, the better the results naturally. Make sure that you include drug and alcohol abusers, rapists and thieves, and whatever you do don’t forget your handful of privileged know it all college kids. And oh yeah, how could I forget?, if it is an ism of any sort, please make sure to have it represented as this will never work, if someone can not accuse someone else of violating their personal choice of isms. And finally, all you have to do is make sure a good mixture is taken into consideration of those that are homeless street folk, and those that have places to live. Then donate a huge sum of money to the organization as a whole, and watch out, before you know it, the whole thing is a ticking timebomb and everyone will kick, scratch, and fight tooth and nail trying to get their cut of the money before anyone else does.

Yes, that’s pretty much the sum it up of Occupiers. And while we are all here, wait, while a lot of us are here for good intentions, given the opportunity, someone is always available to balance those good intentions with their bad. So what a microcosm of the rest of the world outside of Occupy we have created right?

So when you hear that there is an Occupy in your local town, city or, state and want to know why you should go and get involved, it’s it obvious? Cause if you leave it to us alone, things are going to take a lot longer than they need to. Duh!!! Cause your spouting out the mouth about how we should go and get jobs, is going to surely going to fix the economy, or start holding politicians accountable for their actions. Or even your “nothing can be changed mentality is an awesome tool of change, and its been working great up till this point… Right????

In closing, I would just like to add, that all the things I’ve said here are true. Nothing could be ever more real about the experience that I have been having since last year, that any of us have been having. What we can say though is that along the way, is that we’ve met some of the greatest most courageous people of our lives. See cause while we might not all be the most nice, nor are we anywhere close to be at the top of society’s litter; we are the ones that are standing up for the liberties and freedoms the rest of you so blindly think you enjoy. Say what you will, but as long as you sit there and point figures and heckle us, just remember, it is all the hard work and trial and errors of the Occupiers of the Occupy Movement, that is making history, that is causing security departments around the globe to freak out, and that make 1% banker type tuck tail to run and hide.

We are all the 99% percent, some of us just like the pain of starting; the awaken process.