I am tired. I am stressed. I am sick. The NYPD tortures us daily. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in so long I can’t remember. In fact, I am having trouble remembering anything because of the constant stress from the police and other government agencies watching and harassing us. Sleep? If I get a couple hours at a time it almost feels like enough — but we all know that is not enough.

I stopped being a medic for a short time. I was unable to remain calm. My anger boiled over. I became a protester full time for a while, for the first time for me in Occupy Wall Street. I lost my voice three times from yelling non-stop at the police. Do not let anyone convince you the Blue Shirts are OK, and it’s only the White Shirts that are trouble. The Blue Shirts obey orders. The Blue Shirts do not question orders. The Blue Shirts carry out the orders. The Blue Shirts lay hands upon us, roughly. The Blue Shirts steal our personal property, roughly. The Blue Shirts steal our medical supplies, roughly. The Blue Shirts steal our food, roughly. The Blue Shirts steal our sanitation supplies, roughly. The Blue Shirts steal our protest signs, roughly. The Blue Shirts wake us up, roughly. The Blue Shirts are always present, standing in their macho poses, hand on gun, daring us to give them a reason to use their guns. They do not know who we are . . . not even after all this time. The Blue Shirts obey orders because they are just doing their job. Well, I quit jobs that force me to make unethical and immoral actions. I expect public servants to do the same. They have taken an oath, and the police in particular are pledged to serve and protect. Instead they are guarding and harassing.

Stop telling me you are just doing your job, just obeying orders, while you rip my medical supplies and personal property out of my hands and declare it either trash or illegally stored next to me on the sidewalk. Stop telling me you are just obeying orders and doing your job while you forcefully arrest us, throw us down on the ground, and jump on our backs, legs and head. Stop telling me you believe in what we are doing, and then bruise and bloody us for exercising our rights legally. Quit your job, or start doing your job. Obeying orders is not doing your job. Your job, Blue Shirts, is to arrest lawbreakers and keep the peace. The lawbreakers are your bosses and yourselves. The peace is broken by your bosses and yourselves.

Blue Shirts, you have earned my complete disrespect. I do not recognize your authority over me or anyone else. You are breaking the law, you are persecuting a specific group of people, you are torturing United States citizens for pointing out the criminals on Wall Street. You yourselves, Blue Shirts, are the criminals. You have no authority.

We are non-violent. We have proved that to the world. This is a revolution but it is not a war. Stop persecuting us. Stop beating us. Stop torturing us. I call upon the United Nations to intervene. They are not killing us yet, so please do not wait until they do. Isn’t it enough that they are severely traumatizing us? Isn’t it enough that they are forcing us to be malnourished and underslept? Isn’t it enough that they are arresting us for bogus charges, piling the charges up so we are threatened with jail time? Isn’t it enough that they send troublemakers into our midst to cause us even more grief of every description? Isn’t it enough that their constant presence, often 5 feet or less from where we stand, sit or sleep, is designed to intimidate? Isn’t enough that the White Shirts come through multiple times a day simply to poke a stick into our hornet’s nest — coming through and baselessly threatening arrest for an ever-changing array of “crimes” that are not crimes?

We are the People. We are united. This occupation is not leaving.

By the way, Captain Winski stole my eyeglasses when the NYPD evicted us from Occupation Brookfield Properties on orders from Brookfield Security. I told Winski that I was legally blind, and asked nicely if I could have my glasses (he had taken ALL my property except what I was wearing while I slept). He denied my request with a simple “No.” and a “Take him over there and hold him.”

Please note that Brookfield Security ordered Captain Winski to break the law and forcefully evict us from the sidewalk where we were legally protesting. A private entity ordering the police around as if they themselves were police superiors. Who are the criminals, us or them?

This is what a police state looks like.