Online again for the moment . . .

The NYPD, Trinity Wall Street, and the Downtown Alliance keep putting pressure on us to vacate the sidewalk. Yesterday the White Shirt came through with his telescoping metal baton out, poking and swinging it about clearly trying to intimidate and provoke violence. The Blue Goons that came with him were rough and rude, charging into personal spaces to forcefully grab signs and other objects before the Occupiers there knew what was happening. Once again we proved who we are, and that the NYPD doesn’t have a clue as to who we are. We reacted non-violently, protesting vocally while occupying public space. We used our voices, our new toy Horn of Freedom, and we made many more signs to spread out all along the sidewalk. The NYPD came and picked all the signs up twice, and that’s what we wanted — for them to come and be custodial help, and to send the message: take our signs and we make many more. No big deal, yo. It’s only stuff.

We are opening a new front at Brookfield Properties. We will use the Occupy Tactic to achieve a goal — the goal of the repeal of all the post-9/17/11 rules for Zuccotti Park, and the arrest of Ketchum (CEO of Brookfield) for violating our civil and human rights. We will occupy, eventually, all three entrances to the U.S. Steel building, and target every tenant. Among the tenants are the Royal Bank of Canada and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Yes, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority . . . the ones who are supposed to be keeping the crooks out of Wall Street. They are not doing their job properly — shit is fucked up and bullshit there. We take aim at them, especially.

I have to get going and do some research while I have this borrowed laptop. We are in general good spirits at Occupy Trinity Wall Street Church. We know we are winning, and that the real estate corporation that masquerades as Trinity Church is getting desperate to have us removed. We are hurting their bottom line, and devastating their public image. They will have to double their $5 million publicity budget to even begin to compensate for the truth we have been revealing about the church, the corporation and the boss.

Corporate religion is not Christian, fire James Cooper.