I’m back online . . . for today, anyway — borrowing another Occupier’s laptop.

Excitement this morning as a corpse was found behind Trinity. It was not any of us, but one of the ministers here stopped me and already had jumped to the conclusion the corpse was one of us. It was not.

The NYPD have been keeping the pressure on us over the last few days, being anal about cardboard, signs, food and books. Yesterday they confiscated and trashed more property. They went after the property around my ‘occupied space’ and took some medical supplies, comfort supplies, some books and a sleeping bag I was holding for another Occupier. I was able to keep most of the medical supplies that have been donated recently and what little is left of my personal property. They also went after the People’s Library again, but the books were hustled off-site by another Occupier before the NYPD could stop him. The Kitchen also got attention, as usual. Some property of non-Occupiers (homeless come by for free stuff and the protection afforded by a group of Occupiers) was confiscated and trashed, as well.

Speaking of non-Occupiers, we are inundated this morning by people who none of us have ever seen before. A few have moved right in as if they own the place – snatching spaces in the middle of our core group of Occupiers. People that bold are not homeless people – they are cops. Homeless people know about personal territory, and don’t invade other people’s spaces. They know it will cause trouble, and quite possibly violence. No, these are either cops or people sent by the cops. We will have to deal with them — non-violently and in the Occupy Way, of course.

This action at Trinity Wall Street Church is not a “sleepful protest” nor is it an open occupation. It is not TrinitySleeps, either. This is not a place to sleep and leave. It is not a place to come and eat our food, take our comfort items, harass passers-by, trash the sidewalk, and pass out for the night. This is an ongoing occupy-action, and we need Occupiers who are willing to work. We need Sanitation workers, Kitchen workers, Comfort workers, Library workers, Protest workers and more. That may sound like we are an open occupation, but we are not. If you don’t want to work, then stay away because you are a liability that saps our resources and takes up our time that could be used to better advantage working toward our goal. What we are is an autonomous action of Occupy Wall Street that uses the Occupy tactic to achieve a strategic goal. If you want to be part of that, we welcome you. But please understand that means you are going to work — 24/7. This ain’t no joke. We are trying to change the world. We are in a revolution and our target here is Wall Street; in particular, Trinity Wall Street and their corporate connections. We are winning this battle, yo! We will be successful at Trinity Wall Street, and then we will move on to the next target, and the next . . . At each target we will occupy until a specific goal is achieved.

The satellite occupations spinning off from Trinity Wall Street are part of the overall autonomous action. These occupations are targeting banks at the moment, but will encompass all the corporate connections to Trinity Wall Street, including Brookfield Properties.

Speaking of Brookfield Properties, they have a seat on Trinity’s Vestry (the Board of Directors). Considering how purposeful, dedicated and mean-spirited Brookfield’s harassment of Occupiers has been it must be assumed that Trinity’s moral wrongs committed against Occupy have been supported, maybe even formulated, by that Brookfield connection. And when we consider that Mayor Bloomberg’s sexual partner is on Brookfield’s Board of Directors we have the trinity of evil that has plagued Occupy Wall Street from the beginning. Brookfield and Bloomberg work together to attack us, while Trinity pretends to be our friend in alliance “for a world of good”. Well, Trinity can no longer pretend to be our friend. They have always been working against us, and it is time we all realize that. We will research where the money goes, and who is on who’s Board to map out the connections of the 1%. We will identify the enemy, and we will take the battle to them . . . right, Jamie Dimon (Chase Bank CEO)?

Remember, the corporate strategy against threats to their power have been, and still are, to isolate the radicals, groom and empower the moderates by providing them with resources, evict the radicals, give jobs to the moderates. By this strategy they have been able to eviscerate other Movements, notably the environmentalists, and control them. Be very wary of people in the Movement who are ‘connected’ to powerful people and who have a ready supply of cash and other resources. If they talk of the revolution taking decades and speak of their career in the Movement then they are quite probably completely compromised.

Remember, compromise is not winning.

Remember also that I speak for me, only me.