So what’s up Occupy?

Occupy Trinity is branching out. That’s what’s up. A few of us, started a small Occupation in front of a Citibank branch, and then just last night, another group started Occupying in front of  an HSBC. It’s not ending there either as we will continue to branch out, and will expand to other banks, as well as to other target corporation. IE: Starbucks, Mcdonald’s, Whole Foods, and any other corporation that is valuing their profits over the people that support them.

So this is a call to action for all Occupations and Occupiers to take this model and run wild with it letting it spread like wild fire. We are going to aim to have around 10 Occupiers per location, but feel free to have as many as you’d like. Just get out and start occupying your target locations.

In other news from Occupy Trinitywallst the police stole a blue fold up chair last night, I mean, really? A chair, is that their tactics now? What is that designed to make us tired? Well whatever their hopes,


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