I have a lot to write about but very little time. I missed the last few days blogging because the NYPD stole all my property, including my net book. They also stole ALL the medical supplies I had accumulated for our medical station. As well, I was handcuffed without being told why, separated from the rest of the Occupiers and held for 15-20 minutes before being issued a summons for ” street storage of movable property”. This happened because I was videotaping the White Shirts as they were harassing me. Captain Winski (sp?) told us that if I did not stop video taping him he would evict us from the sidewalk. He could not do that so he attacked our property. The People’s Library, the Kitchen and the Medical Station were all confiscated or trashed. Personal property of several Occupiers was confiscated or trashed. If property was claimed it was confiscated and the owner given a summons for violating a motor vehicle ordinance — 16-122b. If the property went unclaimed, it was trashed.

Much more has happened, but I am borrowing an e-tablet and do not have much time. Trinity Wall Street Church needs to start acting like a church. We are giving them a wonderful opportunity to redeem themselves of 300+ years of duplicity, thievery and greed. They now have the opportunity to renounce their corporate ways and clothe themselves in the vestments of true Christianity. They now have the opportunity to use their vast fortune to truly do good works, and not just token incidentals.


Trinity! Where’s the Love?

People over profits. Love, compassion and cooperation instead of apathy, pretense and competition. Join us, Trinity. Drop the “Wall Street” from your name and stand beside Occupy Wall Street. Let us both stroll fearlessly down the shadowy valley that is Wall Street, and together let us change the world through love.