Yesterday we kept signs out telling the public that the Occupiers here were sleeping because the NYPD attacked and harassed us all night long. Perhaps it shamed the NYPD. Perhaps the NYPD were quiet because of the Guardian article that came out yesterday that described them as “an out-of-control and aggressive organization that routinely acted beyond its powers.” Well, duh! Or maybe it was the Times article which said they “obstructed news reporters and legal observers, conducted frequent surveillance, wrongly limited public gatherings and enforced arbitrary rules . . . hundreds of instances of . . . excessive force and other forms of police misconduct ” No surprises there! But then maybe it was the Gothamist article wherein are detailed “130 specific alleged incidents of excessive police force, and hundreds of additional violations, including unjustified arrests, abuse of journalists, unlawful closure of sidewalks and parks to protesters, and pervasive surveillance of peaceful activists.

But no, I am sure the vast majority of the NYPD have no inkling of those articles. Reading seems beyond many of them. Their special dislike of The People’s Free Library alerts me to their inability to comprehend what they read.  No, they were quiet yesterday and today because we are still here. Brrrp!!!

We are winning! We need solidarity support during the daytime hours. The nighttime is full, but the daytime numbers sometimes shrink to dangerous lows. The NYPD has taken to attacking when our numbers get low in the daytime. Ever since the NYPD were humiliated in front of the public at Union Square during a daytime raid they have been waiting for midnight to play. But since we had the numbers at midnight, they tried the daytime again in hopes that a small number of Occupiers can be dealt with quickly before too many of the public see what’s going on. So we need more during the day so they can’t sweep through us quickly. Where’s the United Nations when you need them? I’d love to see a white APC with baby blue lettering roll up Broadway and park in front of Wall Street!

Wall Street is full of crooks, and the NYPD is full of terrorists. Somebody please go after these bad guys!

Back to reality. What do you do after you grab the bull by the horns? You don’t let go! The interactions with the NYPD are inevitable, but we need to remember that the cat-and-mouse games they play with us, while fun, are not what we came here for. So, have fun with the police, but remember — this is Occupy Wall Street, not Occupy NYPD or Occupy New York, or even Occupy Manhattan. Occupy Trinity Wall Street Church is an action specifically against Trinity Wall Street Church, the corporation at the head of Wall Street, both physically and spiritually. The God Mammon rules here, but a ragtag bunch of Occupiers will throw down those false idols, and replace the greed with compassion.

I wonder why the Christians within Trinity Wall Street Church do not come out and help us? To them I remind . . .

“And he will answer, ‘I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.'” (New Living Translation, 2007, Matthew 25:45)

The help we need is not because we are homeless and persecuted, but because we are protesters. We don’t need food or comfort, we have those in abundance. Help us depose James Cooper, and make your church a philanthropic force for good, as it should be. Occupy is about People, not Profits. Shouldn’t a Christian church also be about People, not Profits? Do you really want Trinity to remain the House of the False Profit? Join us, fire James Cooper, and then start practicing what is preached within those walls.

It is easy. It won’t hurt. We’ll help!