This will be shorter than it should be because the NYPD has started a new push to get us off the sidewalk. The problem is they can’t remove us – legally. They can, of course, remove us illegally. We will see what they do.

We were told that Trinity Wall Street Church asked the NYPD to remove us — that info came from the cops. We will go when CEO Cooper is gone and this church starts accepting its responsibility to the people and acts like a church. Until then, we occupy.

The NYPD has been aggressively harassing us since yesterday afternoon. They only stop long enough for us to calm down, and when the spot is quiet again they come back and stir things up. They have been confiscating private property (as “found property”) and OWS property (as “trash”), such as the People’s Library, Kitchen and Medical. They put the kabosh, for a while, on cardboard. Last night they took from me a sleeping bag (#9), a first-aid kit (#8), and a bag of miscellaneous medical supplies such as gauze pads, sunscreen, insect repellent, adhesive bandages, and my OWS Street Medic signage. But that’s all stuff, and doesn’t hurt me, it strengthens my resolve. Other people had personal property taken away as well.

The interuptions of sleep and imposed high-stress level is detrimental to our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health. After 8 months of this kind of treatment in various places around New York City I can say unequivocally that the greatest health and safety hazard to the Occupiers is the New York Police Department. If this was Guantanamo Bay it would be considered long-term low-level torture. Bad cop, no donut!

Photos and video soon — when it is safer for a medic to be away from his charges.

Occupy Everywhere.