Tired. Pulled an all-night watch because of security and medical issues. A couple are suspected of going through our personal properties while we slept. The night was mostly quiet . . . except for an incident where the misogynistic, disrespectful and threatening behavior of one of the vendors under the Red Cube toward “Books” necessitated a group discussion, decision-making and action.

The NYPD couldn’t leave their post guarding an empty Wall Street, so we took matters into our own hands and confronted the cad, and gave him fair warning. We also will accompany any of our women past his kiosk if they want.

Trinity’s sprinklers woke us up at 3 AM. At 8 AM NYPD told us Sanitation would power-wash the sidewalk again . . . so we moved under the scaffolding directly in front of the church. That was where we were going anyway, because there is a thunderstorm expected. Ah! The clouds will be dancing!

We could use donations of ice packs, ace bandages of all sizes, and self-adhesive wrap for Medical. I have also run out of Co-Q-10, without which I quickly run down because of my heart problem. I’m a bit tired now, falling asleep at the keyboard. Seeya tomorrow.

P.S. I heard we’ll be getting a visitor tonight!

Corporate religion is not Christian.

Trinity don’t be slow, CEO Cooper must go.

“No room at the inn.” — Trinity Wall Street Church