An orderly, if uneasy, unspoken truce with the NYPD is being maintained. Captain Lombardo came reconnoitering this morning, but at a decent hour, and made his presence known with his “commandant inspection walk” up and down the line. He called one of the younger women Occupiers over for a chat, and she later told us that he is always calling her over whenever and wherever he sees her. Things that make you go hmm! Lombardo, behave yourself.

We hear through the grapevine that Trinity Wall Street Church/Real Estate Corporation is rapidly losing support in the financial and religious circles they run in. We are winning, and more evidence is the duplicitous machinations of some working for the church to spread rumors amongst us. Things that make you go hmm! Trinity, practice what you preach!

Two rumors circulated recently, that one of us had made an agreement for the group to leave, and that the NYPD would raid and evict us. The focus of these rumors shows that those wanting us to stop the protest action do not understand us. One of us cannot make an agreement for the group, and we are not afraid of a raid. Things that make you go hmm!. Trinity, do your homework!

The Pirate Robert Edwards is buried on the other side of the fence from where we usually occupy public space. From the grave he lays claim to all of Wall Street, Trinity Wall Street Church and the stretch of land from the church all the way to, and including, the World Trade Center. It seems his son gave the Church a 99-year lease to the land but Trinity Wall Street never gave the land back. It also seems that Trinity Wall Street’s claim of a land grant from the Queen first materialized in 1955. Things that make you go hmm! Avast, ye scoundrels!

We continue to expand our public outreach, engaging passers-by — many of whom are glad to see us and eager to talk. Tourists from around the world stop for photographs within our Occupied Public Space, holding our signs and smiling widely. New Yorkers give a high five or fist-pound as they hurry by, shouting out encouragement and support. Things that make you go hmm! Aye matey, we be gathering!

To read about the history of the Edwards family claim to the land upon which stand Trinity Wall Street, Wall Street and the World Trade Center/Freedom Tower go to