Yesterday we had a drummer who drummed and led a spontaneous march on Wall Street — and didn’t get arrested! We also received a donation of a bicycle, established the Trinity Branch of the People’s Library, got 24/7 access to a SmartPhone for Livestreaming (coming soon) and enjoyed some fine guitar folk music graced to us by an Occupier who spent the evening with us. The NYPD was mostly respectful and restrained throughout the night, only intervening to protect us from the intoxicated disorder of longtime troublemakers. They did not harass us about our cardboard or signs, which were both very much in evidence along with chairs and a full (dumpstered & donated) Kitchen. The message we are sending is clear — if you want to cause trouble and hurt the Movement, you are on your own against the NYPD. If you come here to help us by working in this OWS action you have complete solidarity from us, and we will defend you from all enemies.

This morning a postal woman came up, asked one of us if she was ‘Occupy Wall Street’, she replied that she was, and the postal woman gave her an envelope from our comrades in Spain. We have mail! It was addressed to “Occupy Wall Street, One Liberty Plaza, Zuccotti Park, New York, Estados Unidos”. Our home is Zuccotti Park — even the Post Office knows that, when will we go home?

“Books”, our librarian, has documented the envelope, and we will pass it on to the environmental working groups. It is a CD with all the necessary components of a teach-in or rally on the subject of the methane release in East Siberian Shelf. It is one of the many ecological tipping points we are rapidly reaching that will change the life of this Earth for a very long time.

There was a wedding and a funeral scheduled at Trinity Wall Street Church today, and we were woken up and informed by two White Shirts (Captain Lombardo being one) and several Blue Shirts accompanied by a Trinity executive, the Downtown Alliance and the NY Dept. of Sanitation. They didn’t need the overwhelming force, and we disarmed them immediately by agreeing that we needed to move in respect for the families coming here today. We moved and cleaned without their help, and set up again on the long sidewalk along the west graveyard — where we always are when it isn’t precipitating. The day has gone without incident except for some ongoing Medical issues.

Time’s up, I have to unplug . . .