The rain often brings an uneasy and intermittent truce, and this time is one of them. Although we still have low-level rufflings with the NYPD, the problem of shelter and undesirable hangers-on are more acute problems.

The scaffolding in front of Trinity Wall Street Church is adequate for a light rain, but the torrential downpours we have been getting leave everything wet — as the scaffolding has many leaks. The NYPD prevent us from erecting any kind of shelter from the weather, and so we bravely occupy together with willful determination as our only comfort. It is also unseasonably cold, and we are not equipped for cold weather.

Undesirable people have also started to congregate around us. We know many of them. They have been causing trouble around us for many months. Their actions are the ones the press picks up upon, and then sensationalizes while blaming and denigrating Occupy Wall Street. Their actions are the ones that cause passers-by to look upon us with disgust and loathing. Their actions are the ones that cause the NYPD to react so violently to our Movement — and the kicker is that the NYPD has sent many of these agitators, provocateurs and saboteurs into our midst themselves.

We have decided that we cannot stand idly by while these people destroy everything we are attempting to do. We do not fear the NYPD or Homeland Security or the Secret Service — and we do not fear street criminals either. This action at Trinity Wall Street Church is not an open encampment. It is an action of Occupy Wall Street, and only people working toward the goals of this action are welcome. As fiercely as we defend our rights from the assaults of the NYPD we will defend our rights from the depredations of street criminals.