Yesterday the NYPD brought in the power washers, and threatened to power-wash us off the sidewalk every day. Then Brian, the Homelessness Director of Trinity Wall Street Church, tried a psychological war tactic on us by spreading fear and rumors of an imminent eviction, but only among select Occupiers. I confronted him with a couple questions later during our General Assembly, and either he lied or I have to believe Occupiers lied about what he told them. But from their affect and behavior I believe the Occupiers.

Last night Trinity Wall Street Church turned the sprinklers on us in the early morning night-time. Today Mother Earth is sending rain, so we are under the scaffolding at the front of the church. Instead of a power-wash, the NYPD went on the warpath against cardboard and protest signs. This time, for the first time, they included my medical signs among the protest signs. While we removed extra signs, and cleaned up the cardboard, it was more to stop them from aggressively invading our space than anything else. The signs were back up in about a half hour or so . .  just like always. There is an ebb and flow of the signs here — the morning sees White Shirts making us remove them, and as the day progresses we gradually put them all back out again, and more.

During the morning harassment, which saw the Downtown Alliance and Trinity Security (Securitas) guarding the flanks while the NYPD held down the center, we taught them the sidewalk laws, took video of the exchanges, took photos of every person arrayed against us, and demanded to see Community Affairs and the superiors of the officers present. The Blue Shirts sent for the White Shirts after we explained to the sergeant that since he was only following orders it was useless for us to discuss the situation with him — we needed to talk to his boss. The White Shirts came and got an earful from many of the Occupiers, and then sent for their superiors —  a couple of unidentified Detectives. The Detectives hemmed and hawed, and refused to take responsibility for any action against us . . . and they all walked away defeated, leaving one Police Officer to pace back and forth behind us.

They will be back, and we will be ready for them.