This site is being constructed to support the Occupy Wall Street action at Trinity Wall Street Church in regards to a December 17, 2011 action at Juan Pablo Duarte Square.

This site has several pages, all accessible from the menu above each page’s title.

The complete media blackout of this action has led to this site being established in an attempt to get the information out to the public. That the mainstream media, all owned by the 1%, will not cover this action aptly demonstrates that we are winning. If our message did not reverberate across the globe, there would be no reason to pretend we don’t exist.

Here we are — at the head of Wall Street, on the sidewalk outside Trinity Wall Street Church. We can look down the entire length of Wall Street from where we are, and even take in the East River and the skyline of Brooklyn. We are surrounded by the NYPD, who unlawfully harass us in the early morning hours when the public is not around to witness. If we decide to eat lunch in Zuccotti Park, the NYPD sends a platoon to watch us lest we re-occupy. They are so fearful that they follow us everywhere. Yet, we do nothing unlawful; we only demand what we are due — our inalienable rights.

We will not go away.

Happy Occupy!